I’m from Poland, native.

Good things in the past, for example I was a DJ. I’m trying to go back to that life: just party, party, party. [laughs]

I was travelling all the time, because I started to play in the clubs when I was 15. I was learning how to play the parties, then when I turned 17 I moved out from my parents’ flat and go to my own one, because I can afford it, apparently. And I just was travelling about, hmm, I was playing about twenty-three to twenty-seven parties per month, so I just was playing a party, going to a hotel—because club was paying for travel and hotel as well—so I was playing the party, finishing the party at three or four am, going to the hotel, take a little nap, go to the train, going to another club, another city. In some spare time I was going to the gym, because we have gyms like, you have membership cards you can go every single city you want, if there is a place. So no, it was a party life, like, party, party.

And then I lost my fiancé. Because I was engaged, just because of that, we didn’t have time for each other, and I decided to come to England. In 2015, when I came here, and as a normal person I started working, then my agency doesn’t pay me, so I decided to change my workplace, and I found a great opportunity to work at a warehouse, they provided accommodation as well.

After couple of weeks… Hmm, I was receiving normally payment, and was happy to work there, because it was £9 per hour, so I was quite happy. And after a couple of weeks, just one person appeared at my flat and told me that, hmm, from now, me and my flatmates are starting working for him. So, at the beginning I didn’t realise that but after some part of the time I realised, I realised that I’m a victim of a traffic. So, hmm, I was working there, I didn’t receive any payment, I was bullied, er, that person who was coming to our flat was attacking us, without any reason, we wasn’t… There was no possibility to go out from the flat. We didn’t have any keys, our documents was took by this person.

And finally, after one and a half years, I was at work, at afternoon shift, and I decided to run away from that place. So, I just ran away from that warehouse, asked a bus driver—I was wearing still a high-vis, work shoes, and everything I was wearing at work—I just asked the bus driver, ‘Can you drop me to the city centre?’

And when I came to the city centre, I went to the library and checked for any organisation that can help me, and I found the Coventry Refugee Centre, refugee and migrant centre. I came to tell all the story of what happened, and the same day they decided to help me, and it was about four pm. And they booked me a ticket to Manchester, they gave me some pocket money to buy some clothes, they provided me with food, they gave me even a phone with top-up, so everything was just… The dream’s come true, yeah, finally.

And I came to Manchester two weeks ago, so, I’m trying to sort my life again.

I’m at Windsor shelter right now. I’m trying to not think about what can happen again, because they can still find me. I think about that, because they were selling drugs as well, there wasn’t only traffic, so I’m still afraid about that, they can, mmm, still find me, yeah. But I’m trying to not think about it.

Hopefully, it will be under the programme for people who are trafficked in England, so I’m just waiting for a decision, which should be Wednesday or Thursday. If they accept my, hmm, assessment and whole story they will provide me with a minimum of forty-five days of safe accommodation and help with finding a job, and maybe housing benefits hopefully, as well. So maybe, it will be good.

Every single day I’m more confident to go out from the church, go out in the street to meet new people, to, for example, find any place to work. In the future, hopefully, I’ll go to study. I want to go to studies, I want to study music production, as well, in Manchester. I was playing nine years, football, so the football is the most important thing in my life, after music. And girls. [laughs]

Drum and Bass: Pendulum, Tarantula. My favourite one.