I’m 58 years of age.

I was… I was very, very successful in the job that I did. I was a rep, an area sales manager and, um… I just got to the point where, erm, I wanted to do something new, so I ended up leaving all my family and moving away to Manchester. Erm…

Because of the financial crisis, I ended up getting made redundant a couple of times, and again, because of my age I haven’t been able to get any suitable employment.

Erm, I ended up getting evicted from where I lived in 2015, and I ended up on the streets in Manchester for a few months. I ended up getting rehoused in a homeless hostel in—well I was in Warrington—in Warrington. They moved me into a flat, which I wasn’t happy, and last year I ended up walking out, just walking out and going back out on the streets again.

My fifth night… I came back to Manchester because I enjoyed the time that I was in Manchester in 2015, erm… And then, er, a really bad incident happened, erm, I ended up getting hit with a crutch in my eye, and ended up in hospital for eight weeks, seven weeks. And that’s all going to trial in the next two to three months, so I’ve all that to go through.

I come here, I come here every day, Monday to Friday. Erm, I get involved in quite a few of the activities, as a volunteer really. I help out in the [?easel]… Well, I try and help out in the [?easel] classes, as best I can. Erm. I do the job club on a Tuesday, I do the Internet café on a Wednesday, and I do the woodwork on a Friday, so it keeps me occupied really, which… Unfortunately, due to my age, the chances of getting employment are pretty slim, to be honest with you. I’m 59 in September, erm… My profile doesn’t fit any more, for employers.

The situation with my eye, erm. I’m getting, I’m having operation, after operation, after operation, trying to save it. It’s not looking good though, so I’m probably going to end up losing my eye.

Not sure at the moment really, I just take each day as it comes, really. As I say, I look forward to coming here Monday to Friday, it’s, erm, something quite stimulating to do, and then if it’s helping other people.

Erm… I like, you know, a bit of history, a bit of culture, things like that. Erm… I spend most of my time on the Internet, either on Wikipedia, or watching old films, things like that.

Smoke on the Water, that’s one of my favourites. […….] rock festival. Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen. Like, my hero, our hero, isn’t it, really?