Kel. I’m nearly 33. I’m from Manchester, born and bred.

Life was a bit up and down. I’ve moved quite a lot, erm… And erm, 2013 I moved to Wolverhampton, erm, with a friend of mine, and then we ended up in a relationship, we got married. That broke down last February, so I came back to Manchester very depressed and had nowhere to live. And, erm, been sofa-surfing since, so it’s been quite stressful. Erm. My mental health, I had to build up from nothing to where I am now, to being more stable.

Erm, I’m currently staying most nights with my brother and his dad, and in between that at friends and wherever.

Well now I’m doing a few courses at Back on Track. I’ve done… I’ve started doing Streetwise Opera. I’m currently about to start something in Bolton called Box TV, and they, they’re doing a thing at the moment, the students are doing stuff on, like, mental health issues, anxiety, domestic violence and abuse, and different things like that. I’m going to start getting involved with that.

Erm, I don’t know, I just want to be settled. I’m looking into housing at the moment and I’ve recently… Well, I’ve been in a twelve-week relationship, on Monday, with my new partner and we’re looking to move in together, er, well, find a property together in Bolton, because that’s where she’s from. So, erm, I’ve rang up My Space, which is a housing organisation for people with mental health issues, and they help them find a property. But they help them with their issues, and medication, and difficulties that they face.

So I sorted that application form out yesterday with a guy called Graham Williams, who I did DBT with, that I started in September and finished last Friday. It just helped a lot with my mental health and my personality disorder. Like, has made me understand more about that, because I didn’t really understand what that was.

And I’m doing courses here at Back on Track, which has helped as well, [?the staff are just/this office is] great, and it just feels like a big family when I come here.

I’m originally from Wythenshawe, I grew up there until I was about… About 10. Then moved from there to Moss Side, and then from Moss Side back to Wythenshawe. And then left Wythenshawe and moved in with my girlfriend, and was in Wymington for, like, ten years. And then left her and moved back to Wythenshawe, and then moved to Wolverhampton, to then move back to Wythenshawe! [laughs]

I like it. Back when I was growing up it was really rough, and the crime rate was quite high but, like, the rough areas, especially, like, people mention Benchill, but Benchill is not as rough as it was, it’s grown and it’s become a lot safer and the council have done a lot of work in Benchill. It’s nothing like it was when I was growing up, it is a safe area now to be in.

I like my country, my country music, erm, is quite nice. John Denver and Kacey Musgraves. But I do like a bit of Bon Jovi, and Meatloaf as well.